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AAG Patented Plaster J-Bead Frame*™

For years beaded products were used to smooth seams in dry-wall, gypsum, wall-board and plaster. Artisans used beads as the most effective way to create, smooth, seamless surfaces.

Our engineers and designers took the knowledge and experience of old world craftsman, combined it with current technology, and created the first, one piece Plaster Jbead frame. So unique and innovative, we were granted a US Patent. This industry changing design was copied and immitated by competitors who created inferior substitutes.

If you are looking for the only, authentic, US Patented, Plaster Jbead frame, the advanced design of Architectural Grilleworks is your answer.

Superior design, exceptional strength & durability, ease of installtion and range of options, are the cornerstones of our exclusive, Patented product. There are no subsitutes.

Patented Plaster J-Bead
Frame® Grilles


» Solid, patented, fully welded construction
» Multiple pre-punched holes for quick installation
» Fully removable core to access dampers, filters and duct-work
» Extra wide flange with multiple channels to capture plaster or mud, ensuring a smoot feathered installation
» Built in knife guide enabling installer to achieve multiple plaster finishes including level 5
» Accommodates a wide range of wall thicknesses from 1/4” through 1.0”
» White powder coat finish (to be used as is or can be painted over)
» Performance data and noise criteria available upon request.